Hi! My name is Brenda, I am the CEO and Founder of The Fabric Tree House.  Welcome to our page! I started this business as a WAHM (Work At Home Mum), and have successfully managed to build this Business beyond what I ever thought it could be. Below is my story of how The Fabric Tree House come about.

At home with a very young baby I started sewing for my daughter and friends. Which lead to creating a sewing business online. My contacts in the fabric industry meant I could get a hold of a lot of fabrics at wholesale prices. I was soon inundated with requests to purchase these beautiful fabrics that I was stocking. This then quickly took over, before I knew it I was spending all day cutting fabric orders and had very little to no time for sewing.

This is what lead to the creation of The Fabric Tree House.

Where the name came from: We live in a 3 story timber pole home that backs on to a stunning rain forest, for years I would call our home “The Tree House” so now that it was filling up quickly with Fabric I thought what better name then “The Fabric Tree House” Since opening The Fabric Tree House we now have a few employees that help process orders and run our little business behind the scenes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my family, friends & followers for all of your support!

Thank you!


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