**END OF BOLT** Slipper Roses Rosebud Trellis In Blue $10.21
Blue Bears Squares **DAMAGED** $4.55

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Fabric: Poplin Cotton

When purchasing this fabric the minimum order Qty must be 2 (1 Yard).

Minimum –       Qty x 2 = 1 Yard (Length 92cm)
                            Qty x 4 = 2 Yards (Length 184cm)
                            Qty x 6 = 3 Yards (Length 276cm)
                            Qty x 8 = 4 Yards (Length 367cm)

Important note: Fabrics ordered in increments of more then a Qty of 1 will remain uncut as one piece of fabric. For more information on measurements please see the “Terms And Conditions” .

11 in stock

11 in stock

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