Birds In Autumn $7.50$11.50
**FACTORY SECONDS** Anchors On Navy Original price was: $7.50.Current price is: $5.62.

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Original price was: $7.50.Current price is: $5.25.

 Fabric: Cotton Poplin – 115gsm Width 140cm 55″

IMPORTANT: This fabric has a very small and faint flaw on top side of the fabric, it is intermittent throughout the fabric, picture provided is WORSE case (the rest of the fabric we only found one run at a time, picture shows 3) Marked down 30%, no returns, refunds or exchanges on this fabric.

When purchasing this fabric the minimum order Qty must be 2 (1 Yard).

Minimum –       Qty x 2 = 1 Yard (Length 92cm)
                            Qty x 4 = 2 Yards (Length 184cm)
                            Qty x 6 = 3 Yards (Length 276cm)
                            Qty x 8 = 4 Yards (Length 367cm)

Important note: Fabrics ordered in increments of more then a Qty of 1 will remain uncut as one piece of fabric. For more information on measurements please see the “Terms And Conditions” .

30 in stock

30 in stock

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